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Industrial foils
Stretch foils

Stretch foils are used for cargo securing of goods
of any kind and for protection against environ-
mental influences like dirt or water.

Packaging foils

The ProfiThen packaging foil is the flexible all-
purpose foil for all manual, semi-automatic or
fully automatic packaging processes.

Shrink film

ProfiThen shrink film and collation shrink film are
suitable for packaging of individual products,
bundles, tray-packaging and pallet securing.

Industrial packages
Corrosion protection/Exp. Pack

Our vast range of VCI products provides for
optimal export packaging and perfect corrosion

Packaging systems

Apart from packing stations and cutting systems
we also offer systems to protect your products
as well as systems to seal your cardboard pack-

Corrugated cardboard packaging

Apart from our vast standard programme of cor-
rugated cardboards we also offer customer-spe-
cific corrugated cardboard packaging.

Constructive packaging

To protect your high-quality and sensitive prod-
ucts during transport, we develop tailor-made
products for you.

Packaging paper

We supply packaging paper according to your
demands, fabricated in our own cutting and
processing plants.

Cushioning materials

We offer you standardised and individually devel-
oped solutions for filling, cushioning and fixing



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