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Economical, social & ecological responsibility


Our packagings allow safe transport, storage and use of the goods with the aim of protecting man and the environment. Furthermore for us, as one of the leading specialists in packaging, sustainability is an important subject and thus the reduction of environmental impacts by our products and activities. By responsible handling of resources and materials we can make our contribution to a healthy environment.



  • Our portfolio contains an increasing number of products made of renewable raw materials and re-useable materials.
  • Some of our packaging materials can be uses several times.
  • Research in and development of products made of alternative materials is our day-to-day challenge (e.g. bioplastics).



  • We give you detailed advice on the subject recycling of packaging materials.
  • For optimization of consumption we offer you alternative and more environmentally-friendly products and give you advice regarding lower material input.
  • We undertake licensing of your packaging materials for you according to the Packaging Ordinance, in order to avoid or reduce the effects of packaging waste on the environment.



  • We constantly strive to reduce the environmental effects caused by our deliveries (use of new trucks, route optimization, short delivery distances, loading at full capacity).
  • We co-operate with suppliers assuming ecological responsibility.
  • We support energy and heat production by use of geothermal heating and a photovoltaic system.



  • For us, training of young people is part of our social responsibility.
  • We support the qualification of our employees which gives them the possibility to gain professional skills and knowledge and to deepen their expert knowledge.
  • We cultivate a cooperative and trusting relationship to our employees.



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